Monday, 12 December 2016

Inquiry Learning 2016: Making Learning Real

This year my teaching as inquiry focus was "to engage and motivate anxious writers to help accelerate their writing achievement".

My goal was to make learning real. I wanted learners to be interested in what they read and write, rather than disengaged with the process as they had been in the past. These learners were often distracted or using avoidance strategies, and needed a strong hook to engage them in learning.

The first step of the process was to gather student voice. I asked learners a range of questions to get to know what they really wanted to learn about, read about and write about. We talked about what writing they have enjoyed this year, and discussed possible reasons as to why.

The second step was to list some topics we might like to read and write about this year. We came up with a really exciting list based on student voice including The Hulk, TV Stars, Sports Stars, Video games about wrestling, and our family and friends.

It was interesting to get this insight into the learners, because when I looked back over their writing pieces from the year, writing about these topics were of a quality that stood out!

Check out the presentation and the rest of the story on my TAI site, linked above.

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