Friday, 24 February 2017

Focusing Inquiry: Mr Lunn's Literacy Inquiry for 2017

2017 Inquiry Goal: My inquiry is going to be accelerating progress for year 2-3 readers and writers who are achieving at or above national standard.

I will be examining how the SAMR model can be used to redefine learning tasks in reading and writing, and how a 1:1 iPad learning environment can empower and extend year 2-3 readers, especially boys.

This year I will be using the Manaiakalani CoL Teaching as Inquiry Framework. 

The first step of this model is the gathering data / evidence on my learners - which is my current priority with it being the start of the year. So far, the following data has been gathered on learners reading and writing

Reading: By week 5 all learners have been assessed to examine the following in reading- reading level, patterns of decoding, skills in retelling and summarising, and ability to comprehend texts through inferring and finding evidence. This has been assessed through a combination of the standardised Running Records, and teacher conferencing and observations.

Writing: By week 5 all learners have been assessed using a combination of a formal writing e-asTTle, structured writing observations evidence from learner's free writing. 

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  1. This is a great idea. I am currently teaching a class with many reluctant readers and my inquiry is focussing on increasing their reading stamina. I like the idea of using IPads to redefine learning tasks in reading as the traditional methods have failed many of my students already