Monday, 24 April 2017

How well do my learners understand their own learning needs?

Scanning in an Inquiry
The scanning part of an inquiry is about gaining "Wider perspective on learning not just aspects that are easily measured eg considering perspectives of our young people and their whānau. How engaged are they with learning? Can they describe what they are learning and why it is important?" 

That last part really resonated with me, especially as someone who has worked with older learners in the past, year 7 and 8's who could, for the most part, describe where they were in their learning. Now teaching year 2 and 3's, I was really curious to see how self-aware my learners were in relation to their next learning steps.
  • Where are you going with your learning? 
  • Can you describe what you are learning? 
  • Can you demonstrate what you are learning?
I have decided that I am going to interview 4 learners - 2 from my gold readers and 2 from my silvers - to get a gauge of whether or not my learners are understanding where they are in their learning. 

Interesting Note
A reflection took from an observation from my Teacher Effectiveness Coach earlier this year is that many of my learners were able to explain WHAT they were doing in their learning, for example creating an iMovie or building a storyboard, but didn't' really know what their learning intention was. In other words, they didn't know WHY they were creating something. 

This is worrying because the point of my inquiry is not to get learners to do more 'cool' stuff using technology. My inquiry is to have learners involved in deep, meaningful literacy experiences that capitalize on the affordances of technology. It prompted me to think - are my learners aware of what they are learning? Do they know their focus and therefore how to experience success in the learning task - or do they just want to make something 'cool'.

Full observation here

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