Thursday, 25 May 2017

Focusing my Inquiry

How do I understand the needs of my learners

At Stonefields School we are users of an app called SchoolTalk. SchoolTalk helps teachers to plan and design learning by breaking own learning into bite sized learning intentions, and having these updated for each learners in a format called progressions. you can see an example of these progressions being used with my golden readers below.

It's fantastic when starting an inquiry because you can decide on the appropriate learning intentions for your learners, select them for all the learners you believe will need them, and then conduct a gap analysis. This year most of my readers were situated at the Gold Level, or just start moved into Silver. Because of this I wanted to know what gaps the learners had at these levels. You can see my gap analysis below.

All my learners are fluent readers with good pace and expression. They practice at home a lot with their parents, have rich vocabularies and some decent life experience. Because of this, I have tended to focus more on what we call the 'Making Meaning' strategies. These are focused on thinking critically about texts and all about comprehension.

Gold Readers

Gold readers were struggling with their inferencing strategies. This was consistent with their silver PROBE tests where my gold readers were not able to answer the comprehension questions. 

Silver Readers

It was noticed that for stretching my silver level readers they would need follow ups mostly focusing around looking for keywords and summarising main ideas in a text. This is consistent with their PROBE testing where learners were struggling to find key words to help them justify their answers to the comprehension questions. 

SchoolTalk is great allows me to track their learning, highlight it as a focus (coloured in yellow) and start to design learning activities that address it. When learners complete their learning the learners can log into their own SchoolTalk accounts and attach evidence to each intention to prove they are making progress towards achieving it (coloured in green). 

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