Monday, 29 May 2017

Ms Primrose coming into observe me on my Teaching Practice

Focus for the observation: To see how I use digital tools in writing to enhance learning experiences

It was really valuable to have Ms Primrose stay for one of my literacy sessions today. She came in to observe me on how I am using digital tools to enhance writing experiences for my learners. Today, she happened to catch me using Padlet, and Explain Everything.

I love using this app for sharing ideas in an open format. It is so effective at allowing learners to publish their thinking on a digital device, it allows them to see other's ideas as they contribute their own, and if learners are stuck in their learning and find the idea / provocation difficult, then they can simply read the posts of others and pick up some of the concepts this way.

Padlet is highly accessible to learners. You can push out the link through a modelling book, and email, a class site or something similar. Or, you can simply write the full link (it's quite small) up on the whiteboard for them to write into their web browser.

They can access the website on their iPad or computer, they do not need an account or anything like that, and can start typing in their thoughts straight away. It's a live, open forum where they post "sticky note ideas" onto a board, for all to see. Very effective for sharing ideas.

Today I was using Padlet as a way of doing a few things

  • Gathering students prior knowledge
  • Allowing learners to share ideas about what they knew about narratives
  • Co-constructing a success criteria for a narrative piece of writing.
Explain Everything
This is the big one!
Explain Everything is the go to app for 90% of my follow ups and other activities. Due to the way you can manipulate images, writing, video and voice recording all in one app similar to Google Slides, it's a hugely versatile app. 
The way I used it today was to create a writing template to use with my Gold and Silver Writers. 

Reflection from the observer 
Padlets: Awesome way for learners to 'bring what I know' and make connections, I could use this for writing as well.

EE plan: great way to hook the learners into their writing: all of Troy’s learners have been fully engaged the whole time. Great way of setting the learners up for success with their writing and for hooking them in!.
When finished, making it into imovie, possibly go back and observe Troy again when he gets to this bit?


  1. Troy, I am really interested in the use of different apps on Ipads. I can relate to this as our Y1/2 hub is a 1:1 Ipad hub. I too find that 90% of our learning is used on EE due to it's versatility. Reading through your blog gives me inspiration to continue to be innovative in the area of literacy. I also really like the way you create a real sense of student agency with your learners, which is goal of mine for my learners who have a range of barriers at the early stages of reading. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and the detailed reflections on how certain apps work.

  2. Hi Troy, I have had a quick look at Google Class
    On Air today and I was having a look at your site. I am new to teaching in a 1-1 iPad classroom and I have found there is a lot to learn and it is an exciting time. Thank you for being open and for sharing what you do.