Thursday, 11 May 2017

Professional Learning - Sharing how Mr Millar uses digital tools

Had a really beneficial session with Mr Millar during our professional learning last week. Stonefields school had some quick 10 minute sharing sessions where teachers were encouraged to share what they had been doing in their classroom to accelerate learner achievement.

Mr Millar is a digital enthusiast like myself and really keen on using a range of digital tools in his class. He shared this Coggle with us to show us what kind of tools can be useful in what curriculum areas. I am already using some of these in my classroom, and would highly recommend them.

  • Prodigy, IXL,  for maths
  • Google Suite for Education 
  • Khan Academy

I found it really interesting how many apps he had found that he could use in his teaching practice. Over the next few weeks, I am going to endeavour to use one per fortnight. Maybe not in my own teaching but I want to at least try them and see what "they are all about".

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