Saturday, 3 June 2017

Mid Year Data Report 2017 - What does it mean for my inquiry?

Wow! Half way through the year already.

As a whole hub, we recently analysed all our mid year assessment data to make a bit of a data snapshot for the mid year mark. It was made for many reasons, such as reporting to the board, but most importantly it was a good chance for us to reflect on the impact we were having on learners.

 The Ministry targets for learners to be at or above national standards for reading writing and maths are 85%. Our hub is achieving as follows:

  • Reading 87.9%
  • Writing 78.8%
  • Maths 86.4%
Clearly, this highlights certain areas as needing more focus than others. Overall, the data was fairly positive for our reading and maths, however, alarms were raised in another area. 

Writing achievement across the hub was concerning to say the least. With only 78.8% reaching the standard, that means almost a quarter of our learners were not. 4% of our year 2 learners actually made negative shift, meaning their writing had actually decreased in quality. In our year 3 data alone, the data is at 77% of learners meeting national standard. 

The team will be meeting to review this data and discuss next steps and interventions over the holidays. Watch this space

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