Sunday, 25 June 2017

Observing Ms Coulter and her use of Kahoot

Over the past few weeks a workmate of mine has been using an app with huge success with her learners. The learners love it,they run to the mat with their iPads ready and are eager to get into learning whenever this app is involved.

The app?

Simply put, Kahoot is a quiz tool. Learners are posed a question and given 4 possible answers to choose from. They select the appropriate shape that matches the answer, and then once all learners have answered, the answer appears on the screen.

What I like about this app

Competition as motivation
After each question the answer appears on the screen followed by  a scoreboard. This scoreboard shows learners the score and where they are sitting in relation to other members of that Kahoot. Learners get more points for getting answers correct and in quick time, so there is a motivation involved to compete with other members.

Fun reinforcement 
While this app is tricky to use for teaching deep strategies, it is fantastic for helping learners build their knowledge of things like basic facts and correct punctuation. Learners are deeply motivated and engaged on topics that could otherwise be fairly dull.

Looking forward to using this learning game in my teaching going forward.

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