Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Parent Writing Workshop

Awesome to connect to with the parents of Hub Raa in our writing workshop this evening. Tonight, we hosted 30 parents for an hour long connect about what writing looks like in year 2 and 3.

The focus of the workshop was to really 'desmystify' the national standards for these year groups. For so many parents it can be overwhelming understanding the finer details of what a 'good' piece of writing looks like, and why their child is achieving where they are. As teachers we unpacked the key surface and deeper features of writing so parents could see how their child's writing is marked, and what is expected of them for each standard.

I felt it really useful to chat to parents tonight and understand what they thought constituted good writing, and where they felt we as a school should be prioritizing. Helping to inform parents to move away from surface features like spelling and handwriting can make a huge difference in writing achievement.

What was most rewarding from the night was the workshop component. We had parents work in groups of 4-5 to analyze a piece of writing, to see where they thought the writer had done well, and where they needed to improve. Really cool to sit with parents and work through the process of assessing a piece of writing.

I hope having parents who are informed about the writing process supports them to help their child with reading and writing at home.

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