Thursday, 27 July 2017

Kahoot - Quiz App for Learning

Using Kahoot in the classroom has completely revolutionalized my warm ups for liieracy.

Do you have trouble with learners taking all day to get down to the mat with their iPads? Do they dawdle, chatting with their friends and moving as slowly as possible to get organized at the start of a literacy session. Well no longer!

App Explanation
This app is SO motivating for learners. As soon as I say "Grab your iPads and make your way down to the mat for our warm up Kahoot," the only problem I have is getting them not to run with their iPads.

Kahoot is a collaborative, interactive quiz game. It is similar to the console game 'Buzz' if you are familiar with that.

As a teacher, you decide on a learning focus, for example punctuation, fractions, times tables, history, and then You then have the choice of either designing your own Kahoot or choosing from thousands of premade activities online. Learners are given a unique code which they type into, and they're in!

Kahoot shows a question, and then provides 4 possible answers for learners to choose from. Once all learners who are logged into that Kahoot have answered, the answer is displayed and learners are told if they are correct or not. A really quick, fun, interactive and collaborative way to practise anything.

App Review
I have been using Kahoot for my literacy warm ups for almost a term now, and I am finding that if I keep a focus for a week or more, I see huge improvement in that area. For example in the last 2 weeks of Term 3, learners were warming up and winding down the session with Kahoot's based on Year 3 punctuation. They came to a deeper understanding of where and when to use each example of punctuation - their answers were more accurate in the Kahoots, they could articulate the purpose of each punctuation, and in their actual writing books I saw an improvement in control over the use of punctuation.

Honestly I would recommend this app to anyone. It is hugely engaging because of the interactive, collaborative and competitive nature of the app. Learners love seeing their points in relation to their classmates, and enjoy seeing themselves improve when they complete the same Kahoot over multiple days. It can be used to improve both knowledge and strategies, it can be used in all curriculum areas, and with a little teacher instruction, students quickly transfer what they see and learn in Kahoot into their class learning.

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