Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Self Assessment: How are we going in our reading and writing? Do we feel we are progressing?

My learners are confident. They know they are either at or above where they need to be at this point in the year. As Gold and Silver readers, they know they are in the top half of the class.
The thing I want to know is - do they feel they are still making improvements. Are they too comfortable? Are they feeling like they have hit a plateau? Do they know what it's going to take in order to take them to the next level in their reading?
I decided to ask my learners some key questions about both their achievement and progress at the beginning of term 3.
How well do you think you are doing in reading - why?
How well do you think you are doing in writing - why?
What is your current learning focus in reading - why?
What is your current learning focus in writing - why? 
What do you think you need to improve on, in order to move to Silver / Emerald? 

I have detailed some answers below .
Good - I'm already on Gold
Not that good - Because I'm not that good on spelling.
I don't know 
I need to read some chapter books, with harder words, and answer harder questions.
Quite good because I'm in the silver group which is the top is in the class
Quite good at free writing, again because I'm in the to
Visualizing because we've been practicing this a lot 
More complex punctuation for writing 
Take my visualizing from drawing pictures to doing it in my mind.
8/10 because I'm on silver, but I'm worried that I'm gonna stay on silver for ages
7/10 because I don't enjoy writing as much as reading, and I'm pretty proud that I am writing a book for free writing. It also may be cause we do more reading than writing in our group. 
Visualizing. I know this our focus because we have been making pictures about the books we read. 
Not sure. 
Not sure. 

Wow! What rich data to gather from my learners. Lets look at it in a PMI.
Positive - What was really cool was to see that so many of my learners knew what their reading focus was. Almost all of my silver readers could tell me that our current focus was on visualizing when reading a text. I think this was due to the very explicit nature of my instruction. In every modelling book the learning intention was right at the top. At the start of every session I made our intention clear. I also believe the activities, like drawing and creating storyboards online were really hands on and 'real' for the learners, so it resonated in their mind what they were learning about.

Minus - A real shame that not many learners knew what their writing focus was. Learners picked up on some surface feature elements like spelling and using capital letters, but not many identified for examples that they needed to use paragraphs to organise ideas, or use a wider variety of sentence structures and punctuation to take their writing to the next level.

Interesting - Really interesting that a lot of my learners identified that we do much more reading than writing. I kind of always new I had a slight tendency to spend more time on reading than writing, because I know that reading typically includes a writing element during the follow up. It has caused me to reflect on how much direct instruction I give the learners around their writing - are they picking up on something I'm not? Room to reflect.

Three cheers for student voice - lots to think about! 

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