Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Term 3 Start - Where is my Inquiry

Currently I am reflecting on my inquiry and where I am at going into Term 3. I made my plan in Term 2 and have been trying out new things, observing other teachers, having them observe me and give feedback and seeing where digital tools can take learners deeper in their literacy earning. 

Trying new things, taking action...
I have been implementing new apps such as Kahoot and Explain Everything every day in my literacy program. These programs have been hugely effective in increasing engagement and motivation for reading and writing. Learners love working on their iPads to compete in Kahoot's and share their knowledge on sentence structure, punctuation vocabulary. They have become experts in using Explain Everything to articulate their thinking and make use of the tools to further illustrate their thinking, for example using the pen tool to make drawings to show what they visualize when reading.

This term, I think it is really important for me to reflect on the actual impact I have been having on learners reading and writing achievement. As a whole hub last term we had a huge focus on examining data for our readers and writers. What I want to do in the coming weeks is to actually analyze only the learners in my group, comparing their entry data for 2017 with 6 months into the year. 

I now have rich data from running records, PROBEs, and e-asttles to start some serious data crunching and work out my next steps for Term 3 and Term 4. 

I will analyze this data to calculate...
  • Am I causing an accelerated shift in reading?
  • Am I causing an accelerated shift in writing? 
  • How well are my boys progressing in both areas?
  • How well are my girls progressing in both areas?

Watch this space... 

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  1. I remember hearing about the absolute success of this workshop! It's SO exciting to hear about how engage our parent community is becoming and excited themselves about how they can support their child at home. Go you!