Saturday, 19 August 2017

Using Google Forms in the Classroom

As part of Innovating as part of my teaching inquiry, I need to be constantly trying to use technology to improve my teaching practice. Manaiakalani encourages us to reflect on how we are doing this in 5 key areas - Engagement, Teaching Conversations, Visibility, Cognitive Challenge, and Scaffolding.

I have found in the past that Google Forms can be used to significantly improve the visibility of student's learning. The fact you can have many different types of questions allows you to make visible a wide range of information, from attitude towards a topic, understanding of key words and definitions, and the application of the knowledge to an actual problem. 

Following on form our recent focus on varying sentence structures, this week I decided to use a Google Form to gather how student's understanding were developing. When I first began instruction on this, only a small handful of learners knew what a complex sentence was, and even less could write it. Awesome to see today that so many of my learners had improved. Most of the learners in the group could define a complex sentence as well as writing their own example of one. 

While the use of the tool here doesn't exactly 'enhance' the learning experience for the learners, it certainly sits under augmentation for me as the teacher. Never before could I gather information about 25 learners so quickly. In the past, making their understandings visible to me would involve an individual discussion, or analysis of each writing books, or a paper and pen quiz issued and collected from each learner. Now, each response is collated conveniently in a spreadsheet. This makes gap analysis really easy, and I can spot which learners are going to need more scaffolding and instruction moving forward. 

10/10 would recommend you introducing it in your classroom practice. 

Here is a link to the full Google Form should you wish to view it. 

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