Sunday, 3 September 2017

Supporting Organisation of Ideas - CoSpaces

Lesson Sequence
Today we had the following learning intention: I organise and sequence my ideas and information confidently. We had already written our narratives last week but the task today was to take our organisation to the next level. I decided to try out a virtual reality app we have been using called CoSpaces. You can find out information about this app here. I had learners organise their scenes using a storyboard format with the following thinking organizer. It was their choice if they wanted to plan each scene using key words or drawing a picture. They were prompted to make sure that in each scene they showed the setting, the characters, and any speaking or thinking from the characters. We then looked at the CoSpaces app and I did some teacher modelling of how to create new scenes and do basic functions like add in characters and set a background. Note: Learners had already had some sandpit time with this app last week. We used an example learners story and modelled what his first scene might look like. We discussed how we knew it was the end of one scene in his story because the setting had changed, using language that supported learners understanding of sequencing and organizing.  Learners then had a go creating the first three scenes of their narrative using their own iPads and CoSpaces account. I roamed to support them and we shared back after 30mins of creating time. 

Reflecting on the SAMR model, this task was really living in the deeper parts of modification and redefinition. 
Completely redefining the way that we sort and group our ideas into scenes, this supported learners to understand why paragraphs are important to use in our writing. At the start of the lesson about 60% of learners had paragraphs in their writing - and we had a really rich discussion about how these learners found it much easier to decide what parts would go in each scene. It led to rich dialogue about how each time the setting changed, we should use a new paragraph, because it makes it easier for the reader to follow along in our narrative's plot. 
Learners were highly engaged in the learning task. They loved the idea of using CoSpaces because it reminded them of a learning game, and they could make connections to other apps such as Explain Everything and Minecraft. 

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