Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Co-Teaching with Ms Coulter: News Articles

Exciting times!

This week, we were a teacher down on Monday. Some teachers would see this as a problem, but not us. An opportunity to do some collaborative team teaching in hub 2 this week.

A digital tool I have been using a lot recently is An awesome website. It's basically the NZherald but for kids, with simplified language and relevant articles for children of ages 6 and up.

Ms Coulter and I teamed up to teach all 74 learners in the hub some reading strategies for this. The main focus was on connecting, and how making connections can help us infer meaning from the text.

Using the modelling book shown below, we went over the strategy, discussing the WALHT and what we thought the WALHT meant. After a short discussion, we used the 'Intothebook' website to help us look at and practice some examples of inferring. Definitely worth checking out if you want activities for specific reading strategies.

It was great bouncing ideas of each other and doing some role play to get students familiar with the language of connecting and inferring. Students were engaged and seemed to enjoy having two teachers at the same time for reading.

Students were then given 4 news articles to analyze. In the modelling book there were links to the articles, and a few inference questions based on each articles. They buddied up in groups of 2 or 3, got their iPads and started answering the questions by writing in Explain Everything.

Reflecting on this session it was really rewarding. Team teaching is fun and easy. Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself  when I am trying to role model a strategy, and it's a lot easier to bounce off ideas and have a role playing discussion when you have another teacher there. It also allows one teacher to get really into leading a discussion while the other attends to priority learners or manages behaviour on the side.

Definitely looking to do more of this team teaching going forward.

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