Saturday, 26 August 2017

Sharing my inquiry at the Annua Manaiakalani Hui 2017

Fantastic to share yesterday at the Manaiakalani Annual Hui. 

This get together involves teachers and other staff from the Community of Learning coming together to learn from each other and discuss what we have been doing. All teachers had a science board style presentation, showcasing their entire inquiry to date and reporting back on the success of it.

It was great for me to share what I have been doing with my readers. I received a lot of praise for the shift I had seen in some of my learners, and it was really rewarding walking people through how I had used digital tools to cause shift in reading.

What I really enjoyed discussing was how important it was to match digital tools with a specific learning intention. A lot of teachers agreed it is critical to have a goal for each tool you introduce. You can't just randomly introduce a tool into your reading program and expect to see shift in learner achievement.

It was also great to connect with other teachers within the CoL. What was particularly enjoyable was getting an insight into teachers who were tackling the same achievement challenge as I am. Teachers like Angela Moala and Anita Unka had interesting approaches to lifting reading achievement in their classrooms as well, I really recommend checking them out!

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