Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Analysing the data - What are the results of my inquiry?

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Through comparing both running records and probe reading assessment between Term 1 and Term 4, I have gathered the above data. 
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This is consistent with what I have been noticing in class. Learners who have shown 12-18 months shift on their assessments have shown an amazing shift in their comprehension of texts. They are able to articulate their thinking well and the conversations we have in shared reading sessions have become significantly deeper. 

I believe the use of digital tools has been a significant part of the shift in these learners reading ability. Throughout the year I have seen high engagement. Throughout the year I have seen learners wrestling with tasks using their iPads and selected tools in a way that transformed the task dramatically from paper and pen. Using their voice, images, text, video and other tools to explore knowledge and strategies in ways that would align with the ideals of the SAMR model and Universal Design for Learning.

Check out the other posts on my blogs for details on the apps and strategies I used in this inquiry. 

What next? Well I want to try and replicate this inquiry with lower achieving learners to see if results are similar. Due to the build up of my class this year, this study focused on readers who were at / above standard coming in. While I am really happy with the accelerated progress, I do wonder if I could use the same tools and strategies with learners who aren't meeting the national standard. I am also really keen to see how these tools how could be used to accelerate achievement in other areas, such as writing and maths. 

I hope you've enjoyed following my inquiry, please get in touch if you'd like to know more or have any questions. Here is my email.

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  1. Troy, your presentation at the Burst and Bubbles was great! I loved hearing about how you have changed things up in your teaching. You have made learning relevant and it has hit the mark for your learners. You've created opportunities for these learners. I will definitely adopt some of these tools and strategies moving into Y2/3 next year. Thanks for sharing!