Monday, 4 December 2017

Learner Agency - End of Year Reflection

Really impressed with my learners today.

After being sick the previous day, I had come in today worrying that my learners would be a little all over the place, and at really different stages in learning. It can be really tricky coming in the day after a reliever and "picking up where they left off".

I decided to give my learners the benefit of the doubt and a chance to show some agency.

And woah, did they impress me or what. I asked them to each load up their Must Do's and Can Do's for the week, and show me what they had highlighted off and whether they could share with me their next steps. Almost every learner had been ACTIVELY highlighting their goals and activities off as they did them, and so they knew, without me telling them, exactly where they would start off today.

It really proved to me that old saying that learners will rise or fall to meet the expectations of their teachers. I have really been drilling this Must Do and Can Do sheet all term and while it took them a while to get into the habit of recording their progress, I feel they have really hit their stride now at the end of the term.

Looking forward to next year I can't wait to implement this from the very first week of Term One. I think with this scaffold, learners can really gain a huge amount of agency and take true ownership of their learning. I have young year 2 and 3 learners going into next year and I think they will need lots of support in managing themselves, especially using iPads, so I really want to explore how I can continue and build on this system next year.

Give it a try! Feel free to email me and I will link to into the modelling books where I use this.

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